All Dolled Up

Every once in a while, I just like to get all dolled up. Yes I know, I am still a punk princess (or at least I am one today) but even punk princesses are beautiful! Just in case, I’m checking to see how the back of my hair looks while I put on my blush. I already know my Magick lipstick and Molli nail polish from Blush Berrie are to die for!


I’ll check my reflection a few more times just to make sure I have every strand of hair in place.


Now that I look amazing with my nails, face, and hair, I really am wondering just what I should wear. Of course if your inventory looks anything like mine, that is at least a 20 minute decision but I’m not complaining because that means there are a ton of awesome designers on the grid.


Leaving you with some kisses until next time.


This blog is sponsored by:

Blush Berrie

Magick Lipstick

M Nail Applier – Molli (Group Gift)

I’m also wearing:


Myla – Pastels

Hairbase – Angel Tattoo – Omega

7 Deadly s[k]ins

CHANTAL GG November – Caramel

Carrie’s Lingerie

Jessa May 2017 VIP Group Gift

Photo background, poses, & props:


Preview Dressing Room – Common


Made Up (Poses and props)


In a glass world

You could say that I like seeing the world through different points of view, which is why I am so delighted to be looking up through my new coffee table to see what might be shimmering through.


While the details on the top of this table can be appreciated from the top, the really do change the way my ceiling looks while I stare up at it, considering what adventure I would really like to go on next as I wander the grid.


To add to my change in perspective, I completed my coffee table display with these fun glass paperweights!


You don’t care for paperweights you say? Well what if I told you that these can be sized up or down to suit your needs so they make not only terrific décor but awesome additions for pictures!


These are all new releases by Alexa from Captured Waters!


Captured Waters –
Etched coffee table
Set Sail
Etched Flower Globe
Cats meow
(G rated) (M Rated)

Alexa is also looking for bloggers. Please apply here if you’re interested:

What I’m wearing:

Background –
FOXCITY. VIP Photo Booth – Minimal (SLushie)
Poses –
oOo Studio – catnap, free_one_m, sexpot, surface

Dress -sb-monotone white (group gift)
Corset -sb-sparkler champagne (group gift)
sandals – Elle Boutique – Astrid
Hair – Exile:: Outside the Lines
Head – VISTA Diana Bento
Body – Maitreya Lara v4.1



Decorating for a party

I love, love, love parties! All the fun and friends and dressing up! All are some of my favorite things to do, so I spent some time out in my Zen garden today picking a few roses to fill my vases.


It was such a beautiful day, I couldn’t help but pose for a few pictures in the sun as I wandered through the sand. Yes I know I’ll need to rake this later to bring the harmony and Zen back but I was enjoying the sun so it was so worth it.



The sun has gone down but I still need to get these lights untangled and hung so people can see their way around this garden! One of these days, I will remember to wind then around the cardboard before I put them in the box…DSODecorate_001.png

What I’m wearing:

*DSO* Highland Lady – Orange
*DSO* Highland Lady – Heels – Orange
(This is a partial Mesh outfit with the corset coming in sizes XXS – L and skirt in one size both being mesh pieces. I am showing it on a system avatar in these photos.)

Skin –
.::WoW Skins::. Aly Bronze
Eyes –
!Musa! Quartz Eyes SOI3
Hair –
TRUTH – VIP – February – HoneyAna – Gingers

Props –
SAYO SCENES – Zen Garden Backdrop – RARE
Po^Z Bento – Heer
Genesis Lab. – Roses – “Amour” – Bento Pose
oOo Studio – innocent, & sexpot


Who me?

I’ve never been known to be well behaved. In fact, when I was a child, my mother would always tell me it was better to be good at it than to be good so I always took that to heart. In fact, I made sure to be good at whatever I happened to be doing at the time. DSOdiner_006

This has, at times, gotten me into a good deal of trouble but has always kept my life interesting! It has also allowed me to have many great adventures, meet many interesting people, and go many interesting places.


Yes, well behaved women don’t make history but we do have fun, we learn a lot, and we have some really interesting stories to tell! Get to know a not so well behaved woman today, you won’t be disappointed.


What I’m wearing:

*DSO* Venus Outfit -RED
Comes in mesh sizes XXS-L so fits System and mesh avatars (shown on Maitreya Lara)

Heels –
:Z.S: Freaky Pumps
Skin –
7DS Java GG Caramel
Eyes –
!Muse! Quartz Eyes Gacha SET1 RARE
Nails –
alme. Bats – Darks
Hair –
MINA – Myla – Pastels
MINA – Hairbase HUD – Angel Tattoo – Omega

Props –
FOXCITY Tasty AF (9) Mouth Cherry
Poses –
oOo Studio – brevity, cheesecake, & Fever Poses


In a West End Town

There was a little diner where the vending machines were all worn, tattered but still working.


I shook the soda machine after tossing in a few quarters found deep in my pockets because I’d been wandering a while among the junk cars I’d found left along the highways.


I had already popped between my lips a delicious cherry I found in a jar on the counter, thankful for some substance to go with the soda. I drank it under the neon, thinking it was indeed tasty af before stretching my arms behind me then going back out into the sun, an additional soda in my pocket to slate my thirst later.


What I’m wearing:

*DSO* Hecate Outfit – Purple
Comes in mesh sizes XXS-L so fits System and mesh avatars (shown on Maitreya Lara)

Heels –
Skin –
7DS Java GG Caramel
Eyes –
!Muse! Quartz Eyes Gacha SET1 RARE
Nails –
alme. Bats – Darks
Hair –
[e] Jeniah – Exclusives

Props –
FOXCITY Tasty AF (9) Mouth Cherry
FOXCITY Tasty AF (7) Tasty Neon Sign
taikou / vending machine (soda)
taikou / vending machine (gum)

Poses –
oOo Studio – bianca, & brevity poses


Living in a mech world

Her eyes fluttered open slowly as her thoughts began to spring forward. “Where am I?” She thought to herself? She didn’t feel quite the same, her surroundings so bright, and was she thirsty? She couldn’t quite tell.


She began to look down, to her fingers moving them slowly, only to realize they were not fingers at all, but had been replaced with metal parts which creaked and clanked a bit when she moved them. She rose slowly to her feet, wondering why it felt like her joints hurt so much. She gasped in surprised when she saw the body her mind had be put into!


Mechanized hands, metal jaw, body held together by what she could not exactly imagine, and what exactly was with the biohazard symbol doing on her abdomen? She could not imagine. She tried to push the thoughts rushing through her mind away.


She cried out in anguish at what she had become. A solitary mech doll in a mechanized world. Barcoded, tucked away under the neon, with her mind taken from her body and implanted.


She turned away, tears pouring from her eyes, covering them so no one could see her cry. She was now the carrier of the worlds demise, disguised as fun with a simple warning that no one would probably heed.


She laid back down, waiting for the neon to burn out so she would be found, as color clouded her vision.


A lone mech doll, her mind a prison of truths untold.

What I’m wearing:

Clothes –
Luas Hurricane Bodysuit Black
Shoes –
Tattoos –
CURELESS[+]Replicant Joints/Black (v.2)
CURELESS[+]Sentient Jaw & Collar (LUCKYBOARD)
(I am only wearing the Jaw)
Eyes –
CURELESS[+]Dragon Eyes (v.1)
Mech Arms – [The Forge] Hexxed Arms
Hair – [^.^Ayashi^.^] Grein hair(Boobs)
Skin – 7 Deadly Skins Destiny Marshmallow
Head – VISTA DIANA Bento
Body – Maitreya Lara
Shape – Mira’s Mirror


Little scenes

Ever since I was small, I liked looking at mini scenes, doll houses, tiny scenes, etc, so you can just imagine my delight when at the latest craze of all the shadow boxes with lovely little scenes in them!


What I really love about these little gems is they have qualities similar to what happens to Alice when she eats cake!


Making them not only perfect for whatever space one might want to put them in but also making them idea scenes for a bit of playful photography.


Ha! I’m the Cheshire cat, I will carry on a lovely conversation with this bird and be the go between with you two then disappear into the night!


Even more lovely is sizing these up doesn’t distort the detail nor does it change the LI at all. Making them both fun and practical.

These lovely Shadow Boxes were all done by Alexa from Captured Waters.


These can be found at


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We have nearly 75 shopping booths plus entertainment, GACHAs, SHOPPING, dancing, amusements, food and drinks, and much more!

Merchants will be providing freebie gifts… if you can find them!

WHEN: Saturday, 5 May through Sunday, 20 May 2018

Or either of Alexa’s stores: (M rated sim)

As well as marketplace:

Alexa is also looking for bloggers, application can be found here:

Featured in this blog are:

Captured Waters Shadow boxes –
The Conversation 2
Welcome to Zen
The Conversation

Tree –
{Baby Weirwood} Bonsai .::Cubic Cherry::.

Backdrop –
FOXCITY VIP Photo Booth -Minimal (Marshmallow)